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Missing and wishing
lips and words
Missing my hairy uki at home. Wishing it was 15th of June already for first snow trip of the seasonnnn! 4 more weeks!  @_@

Going Bondi markets with sister tomorrow should probably stay home to clean and finish this skirt I've been working on, just finished the toile to get the flutes on the peplum to look right. I wish I had more time to sew and such ._. fulltime work = no time left for anything and top of that I'm out 12hrs a week because of TAFE. blargh.. x[

In other news I really really want a mini lop rabbit for these past few weeks, especially since uki isn't home i just need someone or something to keep me company at home. The only thing stopping me from buying said rabbit is because of snow trips, i wouldn't mind leaving him with someone to rabbit-sit him after I've had him for a while but not when he's brand-newey and still adjusting to new home then dropped into another new environment all over again >.< But if I do get one eventually I'M NAMING HIM BUTTONS! I wonder how I make uki facepalm with all the silly names I come up for things i.e. Lovesac we bought I named it FRED! haha


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