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mmmm cider
Apartment is semi organised/clean since we have inspection on Wednesday. LONG WEEKEND IS AMAZINGGGGG!! Because for once I get to actually ENJOY it and not work! Going to the races tomorrow thougha dn going into the best dressed competition thingy and I barely know what I'm going to wear @_@ Will be wearing one of susie's hats though! =33 yayay! half tipsy on Rekorderlig cider aka cordial coz it tastes so damn sweet. ^^

In other news I have a 2.5m table to myself, and new red shelf thingy!! Once we get a new bookcase there should definately be less mess around on the floors haha Life feels like it's smooth sail atm. Went out for a little bit last night enjoyed some good tunes and made stupid sexual-type dance moves up and saw people. yay! Was meant to go to Bondi for a twirl tonight after dinner with 'rents but got home and was too lazy and i just wanted to enjoy my cider... Now I'm listening to old house/electro from 2008.


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