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Missing and wishing
lips and words
Missing my hairy uki at home. Wishing it was 15th of June already for first snow trip of the seasonnnn! 4 more weeks!  @_@

Going Bondi markets with sister tomorrow should probably stay home to clean and finish this skirt I've been working on, just finished the toile to get the flutes on the peplum to look right. I wish I had more time to sew and such ._. fulltime work = no time left for anything and top of that I'm out 12hrs a week because of TAFE. blargh.. x[

In other news I really really want a mini lop rabbit for these past few weeks, especially since uki isn't home i just need someone or something to keep me company at home. The only thing stopping me from buying said rabbit is because of snow trips, i wouldn't mind leaving him with someone to rabbit-sit him after I've had him for a while but not when he's brand-newey and still adjusting to new home then dropped into another new environment all over again >.< But if I do get one eventually I'M NAMING HIM BUTTONS! I wonder how I make uki facepalm with all the silly names I come up for things i.e. Lovesac we bought I named it FRED! haha

mmmm cider
Apartment is semi organised/clean since we have inspection on Wednesday. LONG WEEKEND IS AMAZINGGGGG!! Because for once I get to actually ENJOY it and not work! Going to the races tomorrow thougha dn going into the best dressed competition thingy and I barely know what I'm going to wear @_@ Will be wearing one of susie's hats though! =33 yayay! half tipsy on Rekorderlig cider aka cordial coz it tastes so damn sweet. ^^

In other news I have a 2.5m table to myself, and new red shelf thingy!! Once we get a new bookcase there should definately be less mess around on the floors haha Life feels like it's smooth sail atm. Went out for a little bit last night enjoyed some good tunes and made stupid sexual-type dance moves up and saw people. yay! Was meant to go to Bondi for a twirl tonight after dinner with 'rents but got home and was too lazy and i just wanted to enjoy my cider... Now I'm listening to old house/electro from 2008.

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Ugh so I just got home a bit ago from trying to visit Uki except I missed visiting times with the hospital since I was told to go to a particular unit and when i called to ask about the visiting hours of that unit I was told 9pm. Rocked up, got told to check a different lvl and it turns out their visiting hours finished at 8. 20 minutes late. FUCK. So angry and sad this afternoon. He's probably fine and all, but I just got really upset that I couldn't see him afterwards after I had spent the whole day and morning with him waiting and such. After he was admitted in I was told to come back at 6.30pm to visit but I had my dad's birthday dinner to go to, my mum refused to go to dinner earlier than 6. T_T I don't know why I'm so stressed and sad over everything atm. I haven't even thought of what I'm going to wear for the Hoopaholics float in the Mardi Gras tomorrow evening, I just feel so stressed over time management right now trying to fit everything around being with Uki as much as possible. I'm only going in the parade coz my friend really wants me to go and I've paid the entry fee already. >.> I guess I'm really just stressed over trying to please everyone, since I was meant to help my friend for her uni assignment by "modelling" for her (just sit at the sewing machine and sew and she takes photos) and she half doesn't know what she's doing so we couldn't do much in class on thurs, making myself go to Mardi Gras, but wanting to stay home as much as possible with Uki until my new job starts on Tuesday. So I guess I'm jsut overwhelmed?

Lyfe. srz bzniz
scissors SNIP
So life is as follows at the moment - new job starting Tuesday March 6th. NO MORE SPOTLIGHT HUZZAAHHHHH!! Instead I'm going to be a receptionist/admin assistant for a finance group =3 Yesterday I bought pink snowboard pants to match my grey, pink tartan jacket -

with these pants (similar style, the pockets and where the embroidery is, is a tad different but same colour i think)

I also got my board, binding and boots -

I can't find a photo of my bindings but they're white and pink ( I wanted black but they had none in stock at the time >.>)
but my goggles are these -

So I'm going to be a big blob of pink, black, grey and white mess. ahaa x] But I honestly cannot wait to hit the snow in Julyyyyy 8D I think i might bring my pink wig to the snow as well LOLZ

Along with going snowboard shopping Ukipants and I went and tried out the climbing gym in Villawood, must say it kinda kicks St Peter's arse hahaha it's owned by the same people, but this place is newer, has more stuff in it and much more spaced out with more walls! After that we went to get pho at Cabramatta! I was sad that my favourite place was closed, I guess they're only open for lunch =[ but we went to the place next to it which was open instead still tasty though ^^

Currently I'm a bit obsessed with crocheting flowers, they're really easy to make! =33 I tried to take up amigurumi a while back but i kept losing count of all the increases and decreases and where my round started/finished T_T I should also be sewing more so I can get my etsy store up and running it's a slow process all I've made so far are a few kids skirts, hair pieces, and some fingerless gloves which I can't decide how to decorate =S

In some not so good news uki is undergoing surgery on March 2nd Friday =[ it's been making him act a bit weird and stressing him out more on top of the work stress he has at the moment =/ Don't know how to deal with it all, sometimes it jsut makes me angry back at him coz he's acting weird ._.

I feel that life is good at the moment despite these hiccups. New job, anticipating winter, no more shitfaced store manger 8]]

Cover letter writing...
damnit haven't used my written bulshit skillz since hsc >.> I need to get a new job they're turning crazier by the day at spotlight hnnngngggggghhhhh I got told i couldn't wear my headbow-scarves because it didn't look "professional" (we're a fucking fabric-crafts store for FUCKS SAKE!!) If you want us to dress like we're working in a department store then maybe IMPROVE the presentation of your store because it looks very children-orienatated therefore why do we have to look like boring old-people. These crazy people are hopeless. Well no headscarves = having to look at jacky's disgusting unwashed hair, not mein problemo >.>

Can't escape it
Since moving out I have recieved at least 1 txt a day from my mum, which is great and all but it get's extremely irritating after a while especially since when I lived back at home she's never asked how my day was. My birthday is on wednesday but i have TAFE on Monday & Wednesday nights then I work Thursday nights. Uki has booked to go Kobe Jones with his mum and I on Tuesday already and I had already told mum that I'd do something with them on Friday evening a few days ago and today she decides to txt me again if I want to do something tomorrow and I said I already had plans and that I'll go dinner with them on Friday instead and she txts back "Fine you get nothing" can't negotiate with that woman. She was expecting me to move back home after a few months but fuck that. It's my birthday so I don't know why she's being such a difficult person about it, I would understand if it was her birthday and I double booked over her birthday dinner but IT'S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY SO SHUT UP. >=[[

I think I'm going to the beach on Saturday to celebrate though or the rifle range again haha

That's right, SPACE DRAGONS! Those are the costumes I'm making for Uki and I for Dragon Dreaming that;s on at the end of this month ^^ can't wait! 3-4 days of not showering and out in the bush haha I went fabric shopping today and shopped for things to mod for said costumes in my Lita's by JC (and half my Amber cosplay - Jacket and garrison hat haha) feet are a tad tired but not painful so woo! All I need to get now is some reflective tape and reflective piping hehe IT'S GONNA BE EPICCCC! 8D I'm trying to work out what to do for headwear though =3

I still need to answer that questionaire for NIDA ...ARGHH so many questions >8[ what does this mean "What part of costume interests you?" I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS *_*  and my interview date is 28th Nov. So I have until then to make my project for my application, get new photos of some of my costumes and make a pretty folio to document it all then practice grovelling at peoples knees so that they will accept me... HA. It's hard becasue everything I've drawn/question i've answered i keep thinking NO IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! then I get stuck and fed up and just leave it, repeat the next few days. >.>

I need food.

Everything was sore when I got back from falling, sleeping on a couch coz these 2/3 other guys in the room would alternate in SNORING X_X so uki and I went to a different house and slept on the couch = craned neck = headaches... plus the fact I would bash my head constantly on the snow... Because I didn't get a helmet or wrist guards BUT I'M IN ONE PIECE! YAY!

We didn't get many photos coz the camera wasn't charged or we were too busy having fun face planting in the snow x] Here's one of us on the skitube

No make up! =OO

My 1st snowman ever! But I didn't have things to give him a face and it was made whilst waiting for lessons LOLZ I called him lumpy ^^ I got snow in my boots coz i didn't tuck my pants over the boots so i had damp feet that day and it was really foggy that day as well NAD IT MOTHERFUCKING SNOWEDDDD!!!!! YUSHHHH!

More photos on my fb so look there if you're interested =]

So going back to the snow next year though =33 We're thinking New Zealand or America?  Something snowy ^^ SNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOW!

So I'm going to the snow at zee end of the month with Uki and a bunch of his mates IT'S GONNA BE EPIC!! I got my goggles and gloves today coz there are somethings you just shouldn't hire... i'M GONNA ATTEMPT SNOWBOARDING! YAY! Even though I've never skateboarded or surfed in my life =9

Plan is to leave Thursday night I think, then we're staying overnight in Canberra at Clinton's place then we don't get to check in on Friday till the afternoon. i'M GONAN BRING CHAI! YAY CHAI LATTTE!!

Can't fucking waitttt ^^ snowsnowsnowsnowsnow! As you probably have noticed I've never seen or touched snow before =9

donate to get-jacky-a-new-machine fun today!
SO YEAH. Went to go check out the Bernina centre at Chatswood (walking along those streets in winter is nice all the streets lined with falling brown leaves makes it feel surreal and it feels like I need another sea-change!)  I'm finally going to get a new machine (hopefully) because my brother machine just can't meet my demands of THOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEW DENIM/PLASTIC/CORSET CONSTRUCTION/HARDCORE SEWING. I want a bernina and looks like i'm gonna be paying through the nose for it too! >.< Hopefully 'rents would liek to donate a bit to my "charitable cause" >.> But so far the one that I want is on special till the end of this month for $1300 There is a cheaper one which offers compelte basics (Activa 215) but the 330 appeals to me because of it's quick buttonhole feature, alphabet, can attach a knee press (for an extra $100 bucks...) and has a few more decorative stitches which would be nice for embellishing some things!

I'm in no hurry to get my LED hoop so that can wait for a bit but it's hard to let go of 1.3k in one go and they I had to have a full time job to do a payment plan or I could do layby but it means I won't have the machine until I pay it all... (So maybe I pay half and slowly pay a bit a week!?) HRMMM so yeah..

Ran into miss helen (birdielou ) as well and it was lovely to see her and I must check out her place - Unicorn Towers soon! pinkpinkpinkpink!! ^^

Oh and my red Tom's wrap around boots arrived this morning, RED NUNJA BOOOTSSSSS  FUCK YEAHH! my dad answered the door for the parcela nd was like "more shoes? You have issues.."


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